Dental Treats

Melanie leaned over the reclined man and adjusted the light, making it shine directly over his mouth. “And how often do you floss, Mr. Daniels?”

“Floss? Why would I do that?”

She sighed, knowing she was about to have a battle that would leave many bloody victims. “It’s important for dental hygiene, and helps long term cardiovascular health.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard the nonsense you lot spout. But how will I save all the tasty bits from dinner?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Look at my teeth.” He opened his mouth wide so she could examine the yellowed ivories, bright red gums, the bits of goo stuck in the large gaps between each one. “I have lots of space, so I just push a bit out every now and again, when I’m feeling hungry or need a treat.”

Melanie gagged a little bit, but kept her face impassive. “Okay, well, the ‘treats’ are all well and good, but I’ll still need to floss your teeth as part of your check-up.”

Mr. Daniels sighed. “Yeah, okay.”

After she finished her dental rigmarole, she handed him a toothbrush and floss. “Make sure you use this now, Mr. Daniels.”

“Hm? Yeah, maybe.” He took a piece of bread from his jacket pocket, tore off a piece, and pressed it between his two front teeth before walking to the reception to pay. Melanie shuddered.


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