The List

“Sandra said that Michael said that his bosses told him to get to work earlier.” Thomas said.

“So?” Alvin said.

“So, don’t you see? Anyone who doesn’t show up earlier from now on will be on The List!”

“What list?”

“THE List. The one they keep about all of us, what we do right or wrong.”

“That’s a myth, Tom. No such list exists. It didn’t in middle school, or high school, or university. And it doesn’t in the adult working world.”

“I’m telling you, they keep information on us, so they can fire us at will if we misstep.”

Alvin rolled his eyes and turned back to his screen. A moment later, Marie stepped out of her office. “Alvin, can I speak with you please?” Alvin stood and started to walk toward her. “No, just stay there. You’re being let go due to your tardiness.”

“What? I – ”

“Thank you, Alvin, clean out your desk.” She returned to her office.

Alvin turned, and Thomas mouthed a “Told you so.” The next day, Thomas arrived at 6:45, just to play it safe. He waited for an hour with Michael and Sandra for the managers to come unlock the door. This became their morning routine.


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