Belen’s End

The seventh and last in Belen’s story. You can also read part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, and part 6.

Belen’s war was short. She led her troops valiantly into battle, but the elves, while numerous, were small. The giants were large, and the humans, who could have turned the tide and gained their own freedom, instead fought for the status quo.

Following Belen’s visit with the king, he had received a hefty payment from the giant lords. It bought his army, and though a few human peasants fought with Belen, most fought for the giants.

Outnumbered, Belen’s armies retreated. As they tried to reformulate their attack, Belen herself was killed. It was a noble death at the end of a giant’s club.

Her generals continued the fight for three days. Once hope was lost, they conceded defeat. The leaders were imprisoned, but the rest of the elves were free to roam; they would hardly make good sport if they were all imprisoned, after all.


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