Thwack Thwack Thwack

It was the constant thwack thwack thwack of the jump rope that Allison loved.

It was the constant thwack thwack thwack of the jump rope that drove Annabelle insane.

They had been roomed together, by what logic of the university Annabelle didn’t know, for three months. November was stretching into December now, and Annabelle, the studious sort, wanted to begin her exam preparation. The library was too crowded, too noisy. The lounge was full of frat boys indiscreetly leering at her. The only safe place was her room.

Except for the thwack thwack thwack of Allison’s jump rope.

Allison seemed entirely unconcerned with the approaching exams. First year courses were easy, sure, Annabelle thought. But that jumping hussy hasn’t exactly been “attending” class, so much as she’s reading her classmates’ notes.

And jumping her damn rope. Over and over. “Getting fit”.

Annabelle herself was fit. Well, fit enough, she thought. Fit-ish. Slightly rotund, perhaps. But anyway, studies were more important, and if Allison didn’t stop that thwack thwack thwack by God…

Annabelle stood, grabbed her scissors, and in a feat of dexterity snipped the jump rope in half as it descended toward another thwack. Allison stared in disbelief, while Annabelle returned to her bed to read.


Thanks go to Natalie Goldberg for the writing prompt!


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