Obese Hippopotamus

Hal breathed heavily, lumbering toward the water. Leaving for any length of time always tired him out, and the sun was hot. The sun was always hot. It made breathing more difficult. Especially when out of the water. So he kept walking forward, until he felt the cool liquid on his front foot.

His thick grey skin was stretched out to its maximum, and looked to be on the brink of tearing. Another problem with leaving the river. Once submerged again, it would absorbed some water, loosen up, and the stretch marks would…well, they wouldn’t disappear, but they’d be less strained.

Hal stopped, up to his knees, to catch his breath. His broad paunch was a few inches in already. He took a deep breath, and blew it out through his wide snout. He took another, in through the mouth, out through the mouth. One more, and he continued his lumbering in.

Across the river, one of those humans was eyeing him fearfully. As right it should, Hal thought. Another snack. Once I get in and get comfortable.

Once fully in the water, the human took off, and Hal chuckled to himself. Good plan, little man. He floated in his water world, his joints crying in happiness once again.


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