Some Day

“I need that car,” Jonah said.

“Which, the little Smart car there?” Mack said, pointing.

“No. No little Smart car, or Mini coop, or Fiat crap for me, come on! Who would drive one of those?”

“Someone socially and environmentally conscious, maybe?” Mack sounded wistful.

“Pfft. Whatever, the science is still out on climate change, man.”

“Well, no it -”

“I’m talking about that Hummer! Look at it, like, ten feet tall and pure power. No one would mess with me in that.”

“No, I suppose they wouldn’t.”

“And it’s so strong, so manly, you know?” Jonah was practically salivating at thought of himself behind the wheel, plowing over little compact cars in a parking lot and dominating the highways.

“It’s so large, impractical. And terrible on gas. You can barely afford to drive your Geo, Jonah.”

“Yeah, but if I had the money for a Hummer, I’d have the money for gas, right?”

“I guess.”

“Anyway, someday, when I make a few million, it’ll be mine.”

“Someday. I don’t think you’ll make it working fast food, though.”

“I might, if I get to one of the top positions. It could happen. Someday.”



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