Cereal Collection

Joan loved cereal, so much so that she collected it.

For those that have tried, it’s not something easily collectable, cereal. You can buy all the boxes you want, but you have to watched over your boxes very carefully. They must be checked at least once a month, and the longer they’re owned, the more often they need to be checked.

Despite all the preservatives, cereal does go bad. It turns from crisp, sugary sweetness into a slick, goopy mass, like yogurt without the pro-biotics.

Joan, however, was not so careful a person. She did not attend to the requirements of her cereal collection, and as she bought a new vintage each year, setting next to the old ones, her collection, while safely inside its sealed bags in the cardboard storage, slowly turned to mush.

So, while she could claim mint-condition packaging at the annual cereal collector’s conference in Chicago, everyone there knew that, without proper vacuum-sealing, the cereal itself would not be in pristine condition.

Joan was summarily ejected from the cereal collector’s co-operative. All was not lost, however; she soon found her place in the Moonshiner’s Association.


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