Belen’s Planning

This is a continuation of Belen’s saga. You can read part 1, part 2, and part 3 first, if you haven’t already!

Belen spent her teenage years planning.

She wasn’t one to hurry a revolution. Instead, she sketched out every eventuality, every possibility, and put together an overall plan that, if she could organize her people and the humans, would mean definitive victory over the giants.

The giants, meanwhile, continued to harass their subjects. Every time the giants came to their land, the people scattered to hide. The slow, the weak, the infirm, all became toys and playthings for the young giants, or the young-at-mind, anyway.

Still, Belen planned.

Despite her mothers’ years of anti-social behaviour, Belen began talking with other elves. She was slow and halting at first, never sure what to say. But over time she became a skilled conversationalist, winning many friends, a few lovers, and the minds of all. Her people were tired of the abuses they suffered; her work on the elves was half-done when she started. Now, she had only to win the humans. She planned to ignite the uprising when she turned 22; the tenth anniversary of her mother’s death would be a day those beasts would rue.


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