Bad Dreams

Melanie stood before the class wearing a towel, speech notes in hand, jaw clenched, the knot slipping. Forcing herself to relax, she opened her mouth to begin speaking, only to have a tooth fall out.

She looked down at the podium, the small white tooth lying on its side. She tasted the irony taste of blood in her mouth, and looked up again. Another tooth fell out. And another. And another.

They were dropping from her mouth like eggs in a science project for troubled middle school kids.

Just as she was about to lose her last tooth, the idea struck her. She whipped off the towel and stuffed it in her mouth, holding her remaining chomper in place.

Arching her back triumphantly, Melanie took a breath in, only to realize the flaw in her plan and the revelations she had made.

God, I hope I wake up soon, she thought. It was another eight minutes of the clock’s torturous ticking before she did.


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