Jumping on Mattresses

The first thing Lesley did when he entered a hotel room was jump on the mattress.

He could hardly be faulted for this, given the need to test every bed for proper strength, durability, and comfort. Granted, there were easier ways to test, but none quite so fun as a good jumping, and having done so every evening since he was five, he could no longer sleep without it.

Lesley had found many a problem mattress in doing this; some too squishy, some with broken springs, and some the sent bursts of bedbugs flying out in all direction; this last had horrified him so much, he moved to a different hotel entirely.

As age was catching up to him, though, Lesley was finding it increasingly difficult to clamber up and start hopping. The can made it bad enough, but now the walker was just getting in his way.

Still, every evening when he entered his room, the attendant helped him up, standing below ready to catch him if he fell. He hadn’t yet, but it was really only a matter of time.


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