Friends Indeed

John resented everything about his friends.

From their stupid little cars to their stupid little laughs to their stupid little ways they showed him, every day, that they were better than him, John wanted done with it.

He couldn’t abandon them, of course. They were his friends, and if movies had taught him anything, it’s that he needed friends to be fashionable. Even though his friends all had high-paying jobs while he still worked as a cashier in the grocery store; even though his friends kept hanging out, going to bars and concert together, while he stayed home and drank. Even though his friends were all attractive and married and having so much damn fun while he sat alone in his apartment again, cold because he didn’t want to pay for heat so he could save up enough to go to dinner with them all for Mike’s birthday.

John sat stewing about how his friends were just the worst people, before he ordered Mike’s present online.


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