Job Interview

Okay, what message do I want to send? They say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have…well, okay, I have no job, but I want to be a multi-millionaire. I don’t have the money to afford those clothes so…okay, get a grip Rachel. Think about tomorrow. You’re applying for a job at a pharmacy, not at Trump towers. Think. Pharmacies are professional places, so I need something professional. There’s the blue blouse…but that’s a bit low cut. Do I want to appear slutty? Would it look slutty? I don’t think so. The interviewer sounded male on the phone, so that could help…but what if he was the secretary, and the boss is a woman? Then I’ll look like competition. Hmm, maybe show a little, but not too much. Enough to suggest, but not pronounce. So not the blue. It’s such a pretty blue though…No, Rachel. The white. White is clean, professional, and it’s just the right amount showing. Okay, next up, bottom…skirt or pants? Pants would suggest the professionalism needed to be a pharmacist…but I’m only interviewing for an assistant job. Maybe a skirt? A nice pencil skirt, to suggest professional, yet subtly subordinate? No! Damn them, I’m wearing pants! Screw their sexist crap! I’m wearing my grey dress pants. Feminism! Good job Rachel! But, I want to feel sexy in my feminism, so the pretty boy shorts underneath, and my best push-up bra…just in case it is a male interviewer. Ooh, now shoes. Grey pants, white shirt…how about the white pumps? No, something tamer…flats, the brown ones with the nice pattern. Perfect, these will look great together, that job is mine!


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