Beachfront Condo

“Just think Hank, we could go swimming all day, then walk 100 feet to our home, peel off our clothes, and make love in the sunset, and we could have bonfires on the beach and invite all our friends. It will be so romantic!”

“Just think Helen, we’ll have an even bigger mortgage, and not enough money to pay for the wood for the fire, or a phone line to call our friends, or food.” Hank folded his arms.

“It will be beautiful, and you said you were getting a pay raise. We need to keep our standard of living commensurate with our income!”

“You’ve been reading the Wall Street Journal again, haven’t you?”

“Why, because I used the word commensurate?”

“Yeah, you always have some new big word when you read that thing.”

“Hank, can you at least think about it before you shoot down my idea?”

“Of course dear. Here, let me think. No.”

“You barely considered that! Give it a real think over. Let me at least have an argument. We’re supposed to be equals in this marriage thing, you know.”

“Right, sorry, go ahead hun.”

She stepped in front of him as if she were about to give a presentation. “Well, on top of the romantic parts,” she winked at him, and pushed her sizable breasts up just enough that it seemed they would topple out of her shirt, “we would be moving closer to your work, and we’d be closer to the grocery store, so we’d save on gas, and we could always rent it out in the summer when we go vacationing. We could even take this summer off for vacations; moving in would be like our vacation, and we could put that money in to the down payment.” She gave a little hop, just to keep his eyes where she knew she could convince him.

He paused a second too long, and she knew she had him. When he made eye contact again, he gave in. “Oh, all right.” She squeeled in delight, and immediately hopped on this lap, giving him a deeply kiss before pulling his tie off.


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