Christmas Eve

“Today? Is it today?” the old man asked.

“No, Nicky, tomorrow. You can go tomorrow, but take some of the kids with you,” his wife replied, patting him gently on the back.

“But what if they get hurt? They don’t know the route like I do, or know my system.”

“Don’t worry, sweety. They’ll watch you, learn your ways. It’ll be good for them to know, so one can take over the family business one day.”

“Yeah, okay. I guess you’re right.” He looked down, frowning slightly, before looking back up. “What’s for dinner tonight, dear?”

“The same as usual, don’t worry.” She dipped another cookie in the milk and held it up for him to bite in to. As the elves readied the sleigh, Nick Jr donned the uniform and waved quietly. Mrs. Claus smiled to him from afar, before wiping the dribble of milk from her husband’s chin. He finished eating, and she wheeled him to the television, Outside, the sleigh took off, quietly disappearing into the night.


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