Reindeer Hunting

Pandemonium struck when the reindeer wandered into the store. First employees were calling animal control, but it was Christmas Eve: few were on duty, and most were dealing with other “reindeer” related sightings.

Customers ran in all directions, terrified of the snorting, snuffling beasts trotting through the aisles. Rudolph, following the sounds of children’s screams, found Santa immediately.

“Come with me, sir. We have presents to deliver.”

“Wha-wait…what? You can talk?” Santa’s voice slurred, his spiked milk clearly having started too early this year.

“Yes sir. Come along. Much to do.” He chomped down on the sleeve of Santa’s suit, tossed him over his back, and trotted out of the store.

“Home base, we have Big Red. On our way to deliver. I’ll get the backup elf to take care of placement in his suit.”

“Understood Rudolph. Good luck.”

“Thanks Ma’am. See you tomorrow after delivery.”


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