Up and Down

This is rather terrifying. I hate heights. Why do I do this? It’ll be okay. She’s worth it. Worth the fear. The terror. Oh god, it’s starting. Moving. Creeping up the hill like a caterpillar. Up the track, I wonder how that works? It seems like it would be interesting. Oh, we’re getting near the top. Dear lord this is high. Why did I do this? This was stupid. I could die up here and then OH MY GOD! AHHH! WHY?!? WHY?!? What did I ever do to her and up the hill and shit shit shit SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT damnit this is why am I doing this I should never ever do this ever agaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhain hell damn and then we slow down a bit and oooookay here we are, just breathe, relax, you’re okay, you’re alive. Just stand up. Move legs. Move legs. There you go. Okay. That’s enough. Let’s just never ever do that again.


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