Bathing for Fame

Devon was not one to do a half-assed job, so when he found out about Bathtub Party Day, it was all or nothing.

Rather than simply take a bath, Devon called his friends, his acquaintances, and even his enemies to help him beat a world record. The greatest number of people bathing at once, he said it would be.

With only a week to go, they had over a thousand bathers prepared, but were in desperate need of bathtubs. Luckily, since the record looked to be on track for verification, a local bath company stepped in with some of its cast offs, and people agreed to go two or three to a tub.

The tubs were lined up, and filling began. The snow fell on the bathers, shivering in their water, but they held tight, needing to remain in the bath for at least an hour.

Two records were shattered that day; most bathers in a tub, and most cases of hypothermia contracted for inane and irresponsible reasons.


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