Fishing Tales

Instead of catching a fish, Bob and Joe, while out in their canoe, reeled in a bear. Not a teddy bear. An actual bear. You see, the bear was fishing and had slipped in the river. It took advantage of its wetness to go for a little swim, and maybe scare some dinner over to the bank. However, when it saw the flashing lure, the light caught the bear’s curiosity, and, tugging on it, he discovered it dug painfully into its paw, and was pulling him toward the surface. The bear followed the tugging, and came out right beside the canoe. Bob and Joe were startled. As was the bear. The bear knocked over the canoe. Bob and Joe yelled and tried to swim away. As did the bear. Unfortunately, the bear was still connected to Bob via the fishing pole that he kept a panicked grip on. Bob and the Bear met each other face to face, and after a worried moment, introduced themselves. They became fast friends, and drink together every weekend. Joe, meanwhile, is still running for his life.


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