Love In the Eyes of a Brat

“I love her, but she’s really needy. I’m going to dump her,” Devon said, finishing his beer, his flat-brimmed cap blocking him from turning the can fully upside-down. He took it off and set it on the cheap pub table before trying again, succeeding this time.

“Needy how?” Frank asked, after wiping his own beer from his lips with the back of his hand.

“Like, is always calling me and stuff. And wants me to do shit with her.”

“So, wants you to be her boyfriend?”

“Yeah man. She keeps trying to plan things, and wonders why I don’t want to.” Devon ordered another, ogling the waitress and pinching her as she turned to get his drink.

“Drag, dude.”

“Totally. I mean, can’t we be a couple, and just, like, fuck?”

“Yeah man, I would think so,” Frank ordered another when the waitress returned, similarly ogling, though restraining his own hands.

“She’s so fuckin’ needy. It’s awful.”

The waitress rolled her eyes, and turned on the TV to distract them for awhile.


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