Entertaining Children

There were not enough toys to keep the child entertained. And keeping them entertained is the secret to happy living with children.

The little boy lifted his one wooden block and, having already examined it from every side, multiple times, threw it forcefully towards the wall. The corner of the cube made a dent in the drywall, and blunted the edge of the cube itself. Twice the damage, and the child grinned at his new game.

A few more gouges in the wall, and the game was boring. He took his block to the next room and, seeing the cat, took aim. One his, and the cat took off like a cheetah, in hiding for the rest of the day to nurse its wound. The child found this even more delightful, and he giggled for nearly two minutes.

His mother and father were both out while he explored his limited options. No one was home to watch over him, so he found new things to damage with his only toy. A light was broken, the television had a crack in the screen, and it was a miracle that the stove hadn’t caught fire.

He was on the landing above the main door as key turned in the lock. A moment later, the child’s father entered. The child aimed, and let fly.


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