Crack the Claw

George is 35 years old. He is a teacher, who sidelines as an artist and late-night city rover defending the defenseless against swarmings. He wants a calm, normal life, free from the terror in the city. He’s afraid of anyone finding out about either side of his life. He is also secretly afraid of lobsters. He was offered the opportunity kill one innocent in cold blood, and end the rest of the city’s violence. Morality is an obstacle. He would become a pariah for it. And the police would be hunting him, and he’d have to leave town. In the end, he does it. The city is at peace, but he is not, and he must leave. He is destroyed, but the city is safe. He treats himself by ordering a lobster, and staring at its red corpse on his plate, before tentatively reaching out and cracking the first claw.


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