Hairy Changes

Sandra was Jenny’s friend, which is why she had to let Jenny know what was going on. During 3rd period science class, she slipped her a note. Jenny unfolded it, and read, “Rumour has it, you have hair. Down there. And on your boobs. Just so you know.”

Jenny’s face flushed, and she bit her lip to keep from crying. She had heard whispers; now she knew them to be true. Rumours were being spread about her, and her body’s changes.

Jenny had just moved to a new town, and the people here were ignorant as anything. She had learned all about this puberty thing in earlier grades, but they obviously had not. So they harassed her now that they saw it happening, lashing out in fear. She hated them for it, but tried not to let it show.

After the bell rang, Jenny went up to the science teacher and asked, “Can we talk about puberty in class?”

In a deep, languid drawl, he asked, “Why would we want to do that?”

“Because people here don’t seem to understand that it’s natural; it’s just the way people are.”

“Well, their parents have let them know about it. Don’t worry.”

“But they’re bothering me!”

“No, Jenny. It won’t happen. In part because I can’t. The board won’t let me.”

Jenny’s heart sunk and she walked away. As she left the room, she saw a group of her classmates by their lockers glancing at her and giggling. She bit her lip and walked to the next class.


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