Morning Routines

James woke up five minutes before his alarm clock. He lay there, eyes wide open, curious. He was often a heavy sleeper, so waking up early was rather different. The alarm clock beeped, and his arm shot out to turn it off. He got up, and, feeling light, danced his way to the bathroom. Watching his stream of bright yellow urine, though, reminded him that he had to boil his water to make it safe to drink, and the burden of having to do that stopped him in his tracks. He was suddenly tired, and stood for three minutes just staring into the toilet bowl, before shaking his head and washing his hands.

James turned on the shower, and the warm water revived him. He dressed quickly and skipped down the hall to the kitchen, putting the water on to boil. He smiled as he poured some tea, and put some oatmeal in a separate pot. It boiled and bubbled, and he continued to dance to the music in his head.

Pulling on his shoes and grabbing his coat, James stepped outside into a downpour. He put his coat on, but just stood, the water pouring over him. His smile faded, and he remained still, staring at the drops in the puddle in front of him, feeling drained and irrelevant. The rain kept pouring. James stood.


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