A Sad Scene

At least the dog was dead. Having been hit by a large truck, it didn’t suffer badly. It was almost perfectly cloven in half, right down the middle. What was worse, it was done lengthwise, and the dog’s insides were pushed out its mouth like a tube of toothpaste. The children watching, almost to a person, vomited all over the sidewalk, and the combination of dog intestine and child vomit made the adults vomit as well. Meanwhile, the drivers, drawn by the horrific scene, rubber-necked, and resultingly crashed one in to the other, creating an eighteen car pile-up. Finally, the dog’s friend, a fellow canine, ran up to the children and ate the vomit, before being hit by a rubber-necking car.

While a terrible scene, at least the instigator was dead. He would have been quite sad about it.


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