Hidden Ears

Her ears were often covered by her hair, and though she would occasionally, unthinkingly, brush it back behind one or both, she would soon remember herself and cover them again. They were not particularly notable ears, neither ugly nor beautiful; they simply were, which was, perhaps, the root of her concern. They were smaller, suitable to her head, as she was a small person, and placed slightly higher than normal. They lay rather flat against her head, and when she smiled they were pulled slightly back. A single freckle was on the edge of her right ear, and her lobes, though pierced, were attached. They could be described as “cute”, though only the in most blasé manner. And so she hid them, every day; at her prom, one work interviews, at her wedding, at her children’s wedding, and even on her deathbed, she kept her thin hair over them, to save herself embarrassment.


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