When the Party’s Done, the Mice Will Come

Beer cans and liquor bottles strewn about, the kitchen in shambles, food everywhere, either in bowls, on plates, or just lying in piles on the floor. Several people are passed out in the living room, another in the main hallway, and one lying on the stairs outside, sleeping on a forty-five degree angle. None of them are sober enough to be conscious, let alone lucid. In the bathroom, a choking sound can be heard, followed by more viscous liquid splashing in to water, occasional splashes punctuating the flow. In one bedroom, two naked bodies lie side-by-side; in the other bedroom, three.

A small mouse nibbles on some crackers on the floor, looking around in uncertainty at the strewn bodies and calm chaos. After a few moments, it feels safe in the knowledge that no one will wake for another few hours, and it will be even longer before a clean up begins. The mouse hurries off to bring friends; a feast awaits.


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