Manna From Heaven

James pulled down the hatch to the attic; down rained the rubber chickens. Flopping all over the place, they continued to pour and pour. Soon, he was knee deep in the vulcanized poultry, and it looked as though there were still many sitting on the edge, ready to tumble. Just as he started to extricate himself, there was a push from above, and another rain came down, further burying him. It continued for another two minutes, the chickens falling in fits and spurts, eventually covering James to his waist. Finally, standing for another moment with his eyes still closed, he felt the end had come. He looked up and called, “Who’s up there?”

Tom, his neighbour, poked his head out. “April fools! I told you I’d get you back for the great noodle incident of last year!”

James, looking at first cross, suddenly descended in to giggles, and Tom joined him. “Well, what the hell am I going to do with all these rubber chickens?”

Tom, smiling mischievously and replied “I believe Mike has a fortieth birthday coming up…and a lawn that could use a few…decorations.”


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