In the Spirit of the Lord

After Joanne lost 300 pounds, she felt lighter than air, and would often jump up and down in the hopes of achieving flight. It seemed like a plausible thing to do; she knew all about gravity, or, at least, that it existed, but really gravity was just a theory, as her teachers had assured her. Still, she would make occasional hops while strolling down the street, hoping the theory would be disproved.

It was during one of these hops that she saw the necklace sitting in the dirt. It was a beautiful necklace, bright shining gold with a bright red sapphire on a pendant. The sapphire was surrounded by tiny diamonds, with three blue sapphires forming a triangle.

The sun glinted off of it as she picked it up. There was still a price tag on it, now with a bit of dirt. She slipped it in to her pocket, and continued on her way to the church.

As she crossed the street, a couple passed her, looking grimy, low-class, and clearly not heading to the Lord’s house on this fine Sunday. She could hear the man saying, “Jesus Christ, I swear it was in the bag.” Joanne did another hop, happy that God had blessed her.


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