My First House

I remember my first house. We didn’t live there too long, only about five years, but I remember it quite vividly. There was a stairway, when you first walked in the door, leading up to the second level. On either side were doors, leading to the living room on the left, and the sitting room on the right. We never used the sitting room; it had all the fancy furniture, and was really only for entertaining the upper crust types, which my parents rarely had over. The living room, however, was very comfortable, with a worn, comfortable old couch, and a very large chair that you could just sink in to. Through the living room, you came to the dining room, decently well appointed, with a large china cabinet and a view out to the backyard. The kitchen looped around to the sitting room, which meant when we were bringing in groceries, we usually passed through the sitting room. There was a darker trail along the carpet from constantly walking that way; not noticeably worn, but if you knew it was there, you could see it.

Upstairs were two bedrooms, and a bathroom. My bedroom was smaller, with an arched ceiling; I had dinosaurs on the wall, and glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. I remember when Mom and Dad first put those in; they scared me, and I spent the first night crying about the glowing things above me. Afterward, I thought they were awesome (once I knew they weren’t eyes watching me). Mom and Dad’s room was off limits, but I snuck in a few times anyway. It was strewn about with various clothing, jewelry, and knick knacks. I remember breaking a small china turtle, then hiding it so I wouldn’t get in trouble. They never asked, or maybe never noticed, I’m not sure.

The basement, however, was terrifying. I couldn’t find the light, which you probably had to turn on at the bottom of the stairs, so it was always dark when I looked, and I never worked up the courage to go down and explore. I’m sure it was just storage down there, but some days I imagined a thousand terrible monsters, and other days I imagined a whole lot of nothing. This was worse than the monsters. I was scared to descend in to the void, to cease to exist. To this day, that deep blackness makes me apprehensive. I sleep with a nightlight. God help me if we ever lose power.


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